Text for The Original Brighton & Hove Directory, 1854 - Page 353

              'I'B.ADE DIB.ECTOB.T, 84.1
' Rose and Crown, 31, Bond street
H. Greenfield
Rose and Crown, 6, North gar­dens,
Charles Geldred
Royal George, 21, Sydney street,
Ilenry Hawkins
Running Horse, 32, Upper Bed­ford
street, J ames Burton
Running Horse, 21, King street,
John B. Copley
Sailors' Home, 140, Edward st.,
William Lemmon
Saracen' s Head, 85, Carlton st.,
Richard Harris
Sawyers' Arms, 62, Upper Bedford
street, Charles Austin
Shakspeare' s Head, 1, Spring st.,
W. Lewis
Sir Ro bert Peel, 48, Church st.,
Martin Lawless
Smuggler, 43, Frederiek place,
John Molton
Somerset Arms, 60, St. George' s
road, Edward Godson
Speculating Builder, 11, Little
Western st., Edwin Gibbs
Speed the Plough, 44, New Eng­land
street, Thos. Lurway
Spotted Dog, 11, Middle street,
Thomas Parker
Stag, 111, North lane, Geo. Cager
Stag, 41, Richmond street, J ames
Standard, 12, Pool valley, J ames
Sussex Arms, 87, North lane,
William Baker
Sussex Malt and Hop Tavern, 8,
Albion hill, Edw. Thompson
Swan, 40, Borough street, John
Three J oily Butchers, 69, North
lane, Luke Funnell
Three Kings, 24, Ed ward street,
Ilenry Herriott
True Blue, 25, Mount Sion place,
Thomas Madgwick
Victoria Tavern, 5, Albert terrace,
Hove, William Payne
Waggon & Horses, 109, Church
street, John Tucker
W atermill, 19 & 20, Lewes street,
James Vine
Wellington Arms, 20, Thomas
street, John Hyde
W ellesley Arms, 37, Ann street,
E. D. Shoesmith
Wheelwrights' Arms, 26, Laven­der
street, John Greenfield
White Hart, 6, York road, John
White Horse Cellar, 11, Castle
square, John Payne
White Lion, 24, Park place, J.
William and Henry, 7, Henry
street, Edward Patrick
Wonder, 19, Eastern road, J ames
W oodman, 48, Guildford street,
Charles Briggs
W oodman, 81, La vender street,
William Tester
Woodman's Cot, 35, White Cross
street, Thomas Haffenden
York Arms, 24 and 25, Now York
street, J ames Bowlcy
See also Beer Shops.
Akehurst, J., 13, Foundry street
Alderton, William, 38, Wood st.
Alien, J ane, 2, Charles street
Austin, Charles, 62, Upper Bed-ford
street .
Barnard, W., 95, Carlton street
Castell, Chas., 92, Carlton street
Clifton, Fred., 11, Edward street
Dale, Thomas, 2, W entworth st.
Earle, Charles, 60, Upper Bedford
Garton, Henry, 3, Colonnade,
Regency square
Gates, William, 42, John strer.t
Goble, George, 21, Temple street
Green, Thos. H., 111, Carlton st.               

The Original Brighton & Hove Directory, 1854

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