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              846 TB.A.DE DIB.EC'J:OB.T~
Horse Shoe, 9, W entworth street,
Thomas Cossam
Ivy House, 81, Carlton street,
Edward Pain
Joiners' Arms, 13, Cheapside, J.
Joiners' Arms, 10, Marlborough
street, E. Anscom be
J oily Brewer, 21, Ann street,
J ames Andrew
Jolly Fisherman, 36, Market st.,
William Tettersell
Jubilee, 29, Jubilee street, Edw.
Labourers' Arms, 49, Lavender
street, G. Barnard
Lamb and Flag, 124, London
road, Thomas J ones
Level Arms, 16, Brunswick place,
North, T. Hollingdale
Lennox Arms, 12, Richmond st.,
N athaniel Morling
Lewes Arms, 30, College place,
Thomas Bennett
Little Man, 3, Montpelier road,
East, Charles Greena way
LocGmotive, 25, Frederick place,
Charles Denyer
London Arms, 85, Sussex street,
John Penfold
Malstcrs' Arms, 1, Crescent
cottages, J ames Dyer
Mazeppa, 19, Ann st., Hy. Kilby
Millers' Arms, Lennox terrace,
W. Peskett
Millers' Arms, 4, Montpelier
road, East, A. Tulett
Morning Star, 61, Carlton street,
~Frederick Moon
~f yrtle Tree, 13, Bartholomews,
Henry Thorpe
New England, 6, l\fontpelier
road, East, W. Stev~ns
Noah's Ark, 101, North lane,
J. Peacock
Northern Tavern, 40, Brunswick
place, North, Henry Head
North Star, 34, Brunswick place,
David West
Odd Fellows' Arms, 10, Boyoe'a
street, Ann Pilbeam
Odd Fellows' Arms, 8, Queen's
road, William Matthews
Old House at Home, 75, George
st., Cliftonville, Robt. Spears
Oxford Arms, 21, Oxford street,
M. F. Bannister
Pelham Arms, 38, Russell street,
Thomas Lower
Phrenix Inn, 27, York road,
North, J. Eldridge
Plough, 1, North gardens, Mary
Plumbers' Arms, 28, Station st.,
Henry Cruttenden
Plumbers' Arms, 18, Sussex st.,
W. Antram
Plume of Feathers, 20, Chester­field
st., Bridget Hennessy
Post Office Tavern, 40~, Ship st.,
William Ward
Queen's Arms, 27, Ann street,
Fenton Bergin
Queen's Head, 42, Cheapside,
William Scott
Queen's Head, 8, George street,
Thomas Gladman
Railway Arms, 24, Chcapside,
William Prichard
Rainbow, 70, High street, Wm.
Red House, 33, Cavendish place,
North, Richard Camp bell
Red House, 39, Cavendish street,
Henry Killmer
Red House, Hove, Hen. W ooller
Hed Lion, 88, Albion Hill, John
Red J,ion, 37, Kensington gar­dens,
N. Davis
Red Gon, 23, Park street, John
Reservoir Tavern, 1, IIoward rd.,
Charles Funnell
Rising Sun, 28, Grosvenor street,
Charles Ellis
Rising Sun, 23, Tidy street,
Robert Taylor               

The Original Brighton & Hove Directory, 1854

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